9 Benefits of Why you should switch to Solar Energy

  1. 100% inexhaustible energy, which is renewable and free
  2. Subsidies for Solar installations are being provided by the Indian Government.
  3. Environmental — Each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar that is generated will substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, as well as other dangerous pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Solar also reduces water consumption and withdrawal.
  4. Reduces the use of fossil fuels
  5. Increasingly competitive energy source
  6. Solar Works Everywhere — The solar resource is enormous. Most states in India have good-to-excellent solar resource and can experience cost savings.
  7. Heat water, Produce solar cold and heating, Water crops, Illuminate exterior areas
  8. Reduces the need to rely on the electricity grid or natural gas
  1. Bad weather impacts the solar energy production
  2. Location of the home
  3. Intermittent energy



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Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Data Science Enthusiast | Top 50 finalist from Jharkhand at Startup India Innovation Challenge 2018 | Digital Content Creator | Photography | Traveller