22 easy Earning options for College students

  1. Learn Personal Finance & then Invest Before earing learn to Invest — India’s 24% of the population are financially literate. So, you really need to learn to make money out of money before earning.
  2. Freelancing — to earn Money Online as a Student
  3. Try doing any kind of Startups — It gives the best experience of your life. Even I did one in my college days.
  4. Online Tutoring
  5. Become Video Influencer — Make the best use of YouTube & Instagram
  6. Social Media Influencer — most convenient ways of making money for students in India
  7. Start Blogging — to live your Dream
  8. App Development & Web Development — These are good career option & you can make money right from your college days.
  9. Learn Programming — Find internships into that domain. In this fast moving tech world, Learning Programming is must. (Java, Python, C#, C++, R, etc)
  10. Translation Service — Learning any foreign language will definitely help you in the long run. (German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese — These are some languages mostly used world wide whether you want to travel or just looking to excel into corporate)
  11. Part time Internships / Jobs — Online or offline
  12. Become Amazon Associates
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Teach Instrument To Other Students — It can be Music, Photography, Sports, Gym instructor, etc. Turn your hobby into business.
  15. Become Reseller to make money online as a students
  16. Buy-Sell Domain
  17. Virtual Assistant
  18. Make Notes And Project for Others & Charge for it
  19. Work As A Delivery Guy or local jobs
  20. Find Job In Your College Or Campus
  21. Sell Your Notes /Art to make Cash (You can sell your art / pdf version of your notes on numerous sites like Gumroad)



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Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Data Science Enthusiast | Top 50 finalist from Jharkhand at Startup India Innovation Challenge 2018 | Digital Content Creator | Photography | Traveller